about me

It took me a while until I discovered my passion for photography. Born in 1987, 17 years passed by before I got my hands on my first own, digital DLSR. At first, I didn’t bother about things such as aperture, exposure or even creative composition. But travels abroad gave me the opportunity to play with my photography equipment which made me curious. I started reading about the relationships between ISO, aperture and exposure, continued with terms such as depth-of-field, hyperfocal distance and optical diffraction. I began to process raws instead of jpegs, to use graduated neutral filters and would always carry a tripod with me in the field. In short: I got hooked. I learned to see the world differently. Places which seemed to look boring started to look interesting. I could spend hours at one place and still find new subjects. Today, my photography approach is totally different than in my beginnings. When I started with photography I would just grab my camera and head out without having a vision of an image. But now, I try to visualize an image as much as I can by scouting locations, observing weather forecasts. Photography taught me two things: you will never stop learning. Secondly, you will always find gorgeous subjects, no matter where you are. While my main interest is nature photography, I don’t hesitate to use my photography gear for other purposes.